Class Dynamix are all about powerful songs that are not just stylistically catchy and relevant to young people but empower them with positive messages and values. We also work with schools to create their very own unique school anthems and music videos that showcase how special they are.

We offer a dynamic collection of material and workshops that increase the positivity in schools whilst promoting well-being and resilience. Our mission is to see happy young people fulfilling their potential, realising their value and awesomeness to make a difference to the world.

Our music and voices have been heard by millions across the world, on TV adverts (Sainsburys Xmas ad 2018), whilst our internet safety song “Safe Online” has been sung in schools and conferences across many continents, amassing over 65,000 YouTube views in the process. We have also performed our songs live in front of thousands of people in stadiums and renowned venues across Leeds. We have worked with international organisations such as The Ben Cohen Stand-Up Foundation and the Leeds Rhinos. Most importantly, we have worked directly with tens of thousands of children in schools across the Yorkshire region.

Whilst we raise awareness of many of the big issue’s affecting society today – bullying, healthy living, safety (both online and at home) we are all about celebrating the values like diversity, courage and resilience that truly change our lives. We also write songs around curriculum topics crafted to aid teachers deliver innovative and memorable lessons.

Our workshops are led by Danny Gough who is an expert at engaging young people, instilling them with the confidence to deliver knock-out performances that will be remembered for a long time and become a part of your school. Danny’s delivery is passionate, full of positive energy and he has a genuine heart to see young people living their best selves.


It’s all about unforgettable songs and lessons that will engage, inspire and unite whole classes and communities. Music can make all the difference in the lives and development of our young people and this is what drives Class Dynamix.

A word from founder Danny Gough…

Hi, I’m Danny Gough, the creative mind behind Class Dynamix. I am deeply passionate about inspiring and motivating young people. I love seeing them grow, flourish and thrive in their lives. This is what gets me out of bed in a morning and fuels me to keep working hard.

Seeing Class Dynamix blossom since it began in 2014 has been immensely rewarding. To know that our music has been heard, sung and enjoyed across the world is simply incredible. But it’s the unseen magical moments that I am most proud of. The young people I have seen transform and shine. The moments where I have witnessed large groups of kids totally lost in our music, singing with pure abandon, courage and passion as a united voice.

This is what makes me tick. Helping young people see their value and awesomeness to make a difference. Discovering their inner power and ability to change the world for the better. To be happy and confident in who they are. And music has that power to affect us on the inside in such tangible and long lasting ways.

To all you young people who have given your energy, courage and voice to Class Dynamix since it began – thank you. You are Class Dynamix, and I write these songs and pursue this path with you in my heart. Also, to all the wonderful schools and teachers who have believed in this venture and championed what we do since its conception –  you too are a part of our success and growth as a movement. However, I truly believe the best is still yet to come. It’s an exciting time for Class Dynamix and I am so grateful for all the people who have shared and contributed to our journey so far…and of course for all the wonderful opportunities we have had along the way.

Working with young people is a great privilege and responsibility and we will continue to pour our very best into all that we do to give them the very best experiences and inspiration to succeed in life and overcome its challenges.

If you – the person reading this – would like to connect with us and join in what we’re doing, i’d love to hear from you –

With thanks and warm wishes

Danny Gough – Founder of Class Dynamix