Class Dynamix are all about powerful songs that are not just stylistically catchy and relevant to young people but empower them with positive messages and values. We offer a dynamic collection of material and workshops that increase the positivity in schools whilst promoting well-being and resilience. Our mission is to see happy young people fulfilling their potential, realising their value and awesomeness to make a difference to the world.

We tackle many of the big issue’s affecting society today – bullying, healthy living, safety (both online and at home) and we celebrate values like diversity, courage and reslience. We also write songs around curriculum topics crafted to aid teachers deliver innovative and memorable lessons.

Class Dynamix deliver inspiring performances of our songs in schools and communities across the UK. We aim to make bold statements that make positive stances.

Our workshops are led by top professionals who are expert’s at engaging young people, instilling them with confidence to deliver knock-out performances that will be remembered for a long time and become a part of your school.


Class Dynamix was founded in 2014 by performing artist, educator and songwriter Danny Gough.

As well as exciting workshop days, we also deliver after-school clubs, community projects and provide exciting live performances at city events.

Class Dynamix are real musicians, who record high-quality, fantastic songs that kids LOVE. They have been expertly crafted to the vocal range of children. In fact, we get complimented all the time that young people are singing our songs both on the playground and at home. We are so confident that once you try one of our workshops or packs – you and your kids will not settle for less again.


All backing tracks and demo versions are produced by top professional musicians, producers and engineers to give you an amazing product unlike no other! The material on here has been tried and tested and is guaranteed to get your classes hooked.

Packed full of innovative ideas and relevant contemporary songs – Class Dynamix are on a mission to bring a fresh groove to the classroom! It’s all about unforgettable songs and lessons that will engage, inspire and unite whole classes and communities. Music and song really can make all the difference in the lives and development of our young people and this is what drives Class Dynamix.

A personal word from Danny


Hi, I’m Danny Gough, the creative mind behind Class Dynamix. Ever since I can remember music has played a huge part in my life. It had to compete with football for a long time, but there was only ever going to be one winner. I remember writing my first little ditty aged 4 – it was about “jogging along, singing my song” – not a classic by any means but it planted a seed of something that I may be good at one day.

Music has this power to have a lasting impact on us. It can get stuck in our head and express things that words alone simply can’t. It can unite us, inspire us and it can affect our emotions in such tangible ways. Growing up in the 80’s in Telford, we didn’t get much music at school but I remember playing Oliver in the school play and the buzz I got from singing “Where is Love”. It was on a par with a left-footed goal into the top corner. I also recall, however, having just one single music session delivered by an outside teacher in that time. 25 years later I can still remember the tune he taught us, the words – the experience. It was unforgettable. I can’t recall many other lessons from primary school like this.

Music never leaves us. Melodies live on, songs can give voice to important truths and messages that the world needs to hear. It is a vehicle to bring people together, a shared experience like no other and memories are formed that we never let go of. I genuinely believe that music has the power to change the world because it can change us as individuals. I guess this is where all real change begins. It is just an incredible gift that I am so privileged to share on this site and in the numerous sessions I deliver to young people. Not forgetting on the many gigs I have performed across the country too.

These songs have been crafted with love and effort over many years, through the struggles that most musicians know all too well as they try to find their place in the world. So this is me, and Class Dynamix is my way of sharing my music and songs with you. Hopefully they will become a part of your school and be heard across your playgrounds. But most importantly, I hope they help you, the person reading this, to deliver lessons that are memorable and unforgettable as you enjoy – like I do – the gift of sharing music.

Thank you so much for visting my site. Danny