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We help young people grow in confidence and self-esteem through our dynamic original songs, positive school projects and exciting performance experiences.

We are passionate about seeing happy young people, living with courage and becoming their best. We are on a mission to inspire and motivate through our work.

We also help schools create powerful music videos and song anthems that showcase to the world what makes their community uniquely special. More about us

ClassDynamix provides

Online access to our songs

On our online platform you can purchase individual songs which include a lyric video/backing track plus an “in-school” licence to perform our material inside your premises. Alternatively, a yearly subscription gives you access to all our material. Visit our online platform.

School anthems

Create your own unique school song with us! Ignite your kids, capture your ethos and school spirit through an unforgettable project! See some examples

Commissions & music videos

We can create a bespoke song for your school, organisation or event and deliver a unique project that targets any issue or topic you require. You can also make your own music video with us to share your project online. We can even work with several schools across a trust as a collaborative experience.

Memorable live performance

We can provide an unforgettable live performance featuring young people from Leeds at your event or conference. Drop us a message


Music workshops

We deliver full-day workshops that cover a host of topics including Black History Month, Anti-Bullying, diversity and Online Safety. Group sizes can be tailored to your school and will conclude with an exciting live showcase assembly.

Featured News


This feels like the most surreal news we’ve ever shared but tonight, Class Dynamix will be lighting up the stage on Britain’s Got Talent! 32 incredible kids from our Gold Partnership School – Music Federation, Leeds – showed the most amazing courage to stand-up and deliver the most exciting performance we have ever seen.

The kids were given a “surprise audition” in person by none other than Simon Cowell himself. We were whisked off by coach to Manchester there and then, and we experienced one of the most exhilarating moments of our lives.

Tonight, millions of people will witness the work we have been pioneering in schools for many years. Young people, growing their characters, finding their courage and releasing their inner magic without fear into the world! We are so excited.

Let’s do this! Danny


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