Class Dynamix are passionate about helping young people grow and be awesome. We create powerful songs, projects and performances that impact positive messages and values. We lead exciting aspirational projects that deliver high-quality outcomes and learning experiences - with a mission to help young people expand in confidence and self-esteem.

We also work with schools to create their very own unique school anthems and music videos that showcase how special they are. You can check them out here.

We offer a dynamic collection of material and workshops that increase the positivity in school and target key curriculum areas. We also seek to promote the well-being and resilience of all we work with. Our mission is to see happy young people, fulfilling their potential and realising their value to make a difference to the world.

Our music and voices have been heard by millions across the world, including Britain’s  Got Talent 2020, on TV adverts (Sainsburys Xmas ad 2018), whilst our internet safety song “Safe Online” has been sung in schools and conferences across many continents, amassing over 125,000 YouTube views in the process.

We have also performed our songs live in front of thousands of people in stadiums, arenas and renowned venues across Leeds. We have worked with international organisations such as TeachFirst, The Ben Cohen Stand-Up Foundation and the Leeds Rhinos. Most importantly, we have worked directly with tens of thousands of children in schools across the Yorkshire region – predominantly in inner city Leeds.

Whilst we raise awareness of many of the big issues affecting society today like bullying, healthy living, diversity and online safety  – we are ultimately focused on celebrating values such as courage and resilience that truly change our lives and grow our characters.

We also write songs around curriculum topics too which are crafted to aid teachers develop innovative and memorable class lessons. Finally, we can create any song you desire and deliver a project that will unite and inspire your kids or organisation. We love to take on new challenges and find the right song for you!

Our workshops are led by founder Danny Gough who is passionate about engaging young people and instilling them with the confidence to deliver knock-out performances that will be remembered. Danny is full of positive energy and he has a genuine heart to see young people motivated to become their best selves.

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