An important update about our Bounce Back event

So we’ve decided to take new action regarding our first Bounce Back event that had been scheduled for 2022.

When we started to plan our first event in the summer of 2021, there was a lot of general optimism around with the vaccination programme in full swing, plus many positive signs present that life, school and live events were slowly returning.

The latest Omicron variant however has brought with it a new level of disruption and anxiety, and many people are stretched to their limit – especially in schools.

We’ve listened, we’ve reflected and we feel the wisdom is to defer our event into 2023. We cannot guarantee the safety by June, and we know right now that many schools are on the backfoot trying to solve their numerous challenges. Safety and care for human lives must always come first.

In light of recent events, we believe in the importance of our Bounce Back movement more than ever before as being a crucial part of the recovery process and the solution. To plough ahead now regardless would be both unwise and insensitive.

We feel it is also better to make a decision now – rather than to leave it later.

So in the meantime – we are releasing our powerfully crafted material to the schools that have bought-in to our vision – and we are looking at delivering smaller events leading up to the 2023 arena show that will build the momentum and prepare the children.

We are still taking sign-ups for the Bounce Back – and get ready for some awesome songs in the mean time!