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Horton Grange anthem release!

17th July 2023

Horton Grange – a  beautiful, historic and colourful school in Bradford approached us not long ago to help them create their own unique song and film to celebrate their awesomeness!

How could we say no?!

In our first lyric writing session with their children – we explained how from a blank piece of paper, our creativity was going to grow something awesome. A child replied, “Like a seed into a flower?” – and from that very line we were away!!

Enjoy! We are also super excited to announce that Horton Grange have since joined our Gold Partnership programme for 2023/24 – so we will be seeing a lot more of them come September! We can’t wait 🙂

Edgerton Community Elementary, USA school anthem

18th June 2023

Edgerton is a beautiful city in Midwest America that we had the incredible privilege of composing a school anthem for.

This song is about the power of connection, about re-igniting and rediscovering our spark that may have been dimmed and living our best lives in our community.

What an amazing honour to serve these wonderful people.

Yahara Valley Elementary, USA school anthem

18th June 2023

Here is one of two school anthems we created for a beautiful school in rural Wisconsin.

This is a community that is built upon the generations that went went before it. Children stand on the shoulders of what was laid by their ancestors and become part of a rich legacy that is simply magical.

We will forever be grateful for this wonderful opportunity to become a part of their community.

Yahara – forever we are.

The most INCREDIBLE project EVER!

27th April 2023

We’ve just returned from our American adventure over in Wisconsin – in a beautiful pocket of the mid-west collaborating with Edgerton Community Elementary and Yahara Valley Elementary schools. We will be processing the powerful impacts of this unique project for a long time to come – but Tristan McGough’s article is a beautifully eloquent summation of the world premiere performances of their songs that were unleashed last Saturday at the EPAC!



Class Dynamix compose for schools in the USA!

27th January 2023

Well this is all rather exciting.

We’ve spent the past 2 months composing 2 exciting school song anthems for 2 AMAZING organisations in in the Edgerton School District, WI – America.

We revealed their new, bespoke compositions to the district school board and all the children last week via a virtual “unveiling” showcase!

But wait there’s more…we have been invited as special guests to the world premiere live performance in April – where we will fly out to enjoy the schools performances of the songs!

We are so excited to come and enjoy the magic of their live performance!

Middleton Primary Year 6 Leavers Song!

20th July 2021

WOW! We were so honoured to be invited by Middleton Primary in Leeds to help them create a special leavers song and video to celebrate their Year 6 classes.

This was such a special project for us and we are thrilled with the end result. To bring everyone together at the end of such a difficult period of their lives was a real joy and privilege.

A big well done to all the kids, and a huge thank you to all the Year 6 staff who worked so brilliantly to make this possible. We wish you all the very best for High School – and that you continue to believe in yourselves. Your legacies certainly do live on!

We hope all you parents enjoy watching this for many years to come!

FREE Harvest singalong is here!

4th October 2020

Enjoy this free singalong gift with your kids! It’s a song all about our amazing connection to each other and all life – how giving and GIVING even more is the way of true growth!

OR…if you would like to download the backing track, you can make a donation of ÂŁ6 or more – all proceeds help us make more great songs for you to enjoy! You can get that HERE

Finally a huge well done to the children of St John’s CE Primary, Bradford for your wonderful singing and support in bringing this wonderful gift for all schools to enjoy to LIFE!


15th September 2020

We are so proud and still buzzing from Saturday nights semi-final performance.

We are so happy that our essence, courage and spirit were captured by Britain’s Got Talent and their team. 2020 has been the most challenging year EVER yet these kids from Music Federation Leeds stood up and delivered a knockout performance of our song “I Am”.

Performing outdoors is never an easy task yet these guys stood and delivered brilliantly.

To know that our message has gone global is incredible, and we can say with all our heart, that miracles happen when you believe!

Thank you to everyone who cheered us on, we hope we made you proud!

St Peter’s NEW school anthem

11th March 2020

This project was incredible. St Peter’s CE JI & EY school in Birstall is such a gem of a school. They nurture their kids in a special way and we feel so privileged to have been able to work with them in creating their own school song and music video. It’s a real colour fest that truly captures the spirit of their unique community. We are so proud of this piece of work and of all the children and staff involved. We can’t wait to work with them again.


Believe and Succeed – St John’s C of E

24th October 2019

This project was as much fun as it looks! We had the BEST time with these awesome kids at this very special school in Bradford. We really wanted to help them create a song that captured that unique energy and spirit – built around their motto of “Believe and Succeed” and running the race of life with courage and endurance. With a “School of Rock” feel – we totally love the finished piece. Enjoy!

Windmill C of E school anthem!

22nd October 2019

We are so excited to share this incredible piece of work that the children at Windmill C of E created with us. Their own school anthem called The Windmill Way truly captures their special spirit, their kind heart as a community and their total awesomeness as a school. We are very proud of you all and well done on an amazing project. Thank you for having us!

Light Up For Leeds Official Video!

8th October 2019

Here is the official music video for Light Up For Leeds. Made in partnership with Child Friendly Leeds and sponsored by Shine and Crisp Thinking – the final film features footage shot at our incredible showcase at the First Direct Arena back in July at the Teach First Conference.

It features children from Low Road & Windmill Music Federation, Shakespeare, Middleton and Rothwell Primary schools.

You can download a lyric sheet and find more info including the lyric video link here

Music video premiere

27th September 2019

The new music video for Light Up For Leeds – our project delivered in partnership with Child Friendly Leeds and co-sponsored by Shine Leeds and Crisp Thinking – will be unveiled alongside another live performance of the song at Leeds Town Hall on October 8th at 4.20pm. The performance will conclude the Council Leadership Conference 2019.

It will feature children from our stellar school collection of Windmill/Low Road Music Federation, Shakespeare, Middleton and Rothwell Primaries.

The lyric video/song words will be available online for all Leeds children to learn and use in their schools.


Recording time!

1st August 2019

We spent yesterday recording some extra vocals with these guys (Naima, Kofi, Divine and Sophie) for our new song Light Up For Leeds – made in partnership with Shine Leeds, Child Friendly Leeds and Crisp Thinking. We are still buzzing from our electric experience at Leeds Arena, and also excited for shooting the final stages of the music video next week. We’re getting there…ps hope you guys are loving our new website!

Anti-Bullying pack download & NEW SHOP!

5th November 2017

We are very excited right now! Firstly – we are creating our brand new “Class Dynamix Shop” and our classic track “Bullying Stop” can be downloaded right now as part of an awesome teacher pack. With Anti-Bullying week fast approaching – why not treat your school and get your hands on the pack today?

Bullying STOP! Rothwell Primary

12th September 2016

Our 2016-17 adventure is in full swing. Today saw our first visit to Rothwell Primary, where 90 kids from across Year 5 and 6 totally smashed our Bullying Stop! song. The group raised the roof with their final performance in an electric assembly to close the day.

Well done to all you guys – we were amazed at your transformation throughout the day, and as the song says, you will have left a legacy today that they won’t forget!!

So great to meet you all and looking forward to some more exciting performances in the future!! Danny.

Turn On The Lights 2016

7th April 2016

So here we are. Last Friday night – April 1st 2016 – saw 120 children from across 6 Leeds Primary Schools make a defiant stance against domestic violence by performing this song together in front of 17,000 fans at Leeds Rhinos vs Hull KR at Headingley stadium.

The 6 schools taking part were: Windmill and Low Road Music Federation, Sharp Lane, Middleton, Middleton St Mary’s and Shakespeare Primary. Their performance was not only electric and passionate – but they went about their whole business inside the stadium with great maturity and professionalism. We are so proud of all these young people who showed the courage to deliver this important message. Everybody needs and deserves a home which is safe and nourishing. Let’s work together to make that happen. Let’s “turn on the lights”.

Leeds Rhino’s live half-time show!

4th February 2016

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be performing one of our song’s on April 1st 2016 at Leeds Rhino’s vs Hull KR at Headingley Stadium. The performance will feature 100 children from across 3 Leeds schools who will be making a stance against domestic violence. The project is a collaboration between ourselves, Leeds Rhino’s Foundation, Behind Closed Doors, Leeds Council and Family Valued. More news to follow but safe to say…we are totally buzzing!

Middleton St Mary’s School Song!

15th January 2016

Just before Christmas, we were very privileged to work with Middleton St Marys School and a group of their children to produce a new song that captured their school values. Here is a snippet of the song that was created – a big well done to the smaller songwriting group who went on to both perform and teach it to the entire school. It was an awesome project and you should be very proud of the quality of your work!

South Milford community project

14th December 2015

We recently delivered a wonderful project in South Milford funded by South Milford Parish Council and Western Area Community Engagement Forum, Selby District Council. The project centered around our new song – Turn on the Lights, which Year 5 and 6 from the village primary school adapted to create a unique South Milford version. The children premiered their version of the song at the village Xmas lights switch on and some even got to spend some time with us in a professional recording studio to make the track. We would personally like to thank Phil Underdown for his inspirational energy, passion and vision in seeing this project come to fruition. Thank you Phil!

“Dynamite” – new healthy song

17th May 2015

Our new song campaign for the Spring/Summer 2015 is called Dynamite. The video feature’s children from Shakespeare Primary, Leeds and is available as a workshop or community project. It targets both healthy eating and exercise. Here’s a snippet!

Anti-Bullying Project East Leeds

20th April 2015

We are proud to announce we will be commencing a brand new anti-bullying extended project courtesy of Leeds City Council Inner East Community. Well-being funding has been awarded by your local Ward Members through the Inner East Community Committee – Burmantofts & Richmond Hill, Gipton & Harehills, Killingbeck & Seacroft.

The young people will be working with Danny Gough over 4 Friday evenings, concluding in a live performance at The Denis Healy Centre in Seacroft. The groups will be learning our Bullying Stop! song which targets bullying at school, in our homes, neighbourhoods and on the internet. It’s hard-hitting stance, full of positive messages has been a massive hit with young people ever since it was first launched in Nov 2014. We expect no different in Seacroft.

We are so excited by this opportunity to get involved with the fantastic organisations and youth workers operating in some of the most challenging areas of our city. We will keep you posted at our progress! Let’s do this!!!


Stars of the Month February

19th March 2015

Meet Leandro and Joanna – Stars of the Month for February 2015 from Shakespeare Primary, Leeds. The group have just been filmed for a new music video promoting healthy lifestyle with our upcoming song “Dynamite”. The song will be released very soon and the Class Dynamix club will be performing it live on Thursday March 26th!

Harehills Primary “Safe as Houses” project

5th March 2015

This was one powerful and amazing project. Harehills Primary contacted us in December 2014 to deliver a project for their “Safe as Houses” week 2015. The project deals with safety at home and the school wanted a song that empowered their young people to make positive stances.

The song we wrote for them is all about the power that one person brings when they choose to stand with courage. It’s also about leaving the right legacies that they will be remembered for. The kids came up with their own “value’s” for the holler section in the middle – and should be very proud of their project. Our heartfelt thanks to all the the school and the staff for inviting us to be a part of their “Safe as Houses” 2015.

Power of One – Class Dynamix feat’ Harehills Primary School from Danny Gough on Vimeo.

				A song that makes a positive stance for leaving legacies and standing up our values.

New Class Dynamix Club in Middleton Primary!

24th February 2015

Boom! Class Dynamix have launched another after-school club….introducing Middleton Primary School from south Leeds. These are the chosen children – there is even a waiting list to get on!! Fantastic first session today, these guys were awesome. We did some teamwork and worked on keeping to the beat using our Body Got Rhythm song. (If any of the new club are reading this, here is the Youtube vid so that you can practice for next week! If you’re a teacher and fancy taking this song on you can buy the songpack here


Bullying STOP! campaign

23rd October 2014

Would YOUR school like its own unique song?

Our bespoke anthems combine an original song and film that showcases your unique school to the world!

Find out more