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A new aspirational anthem for the next generation!

19th July 2024

Mount Pleasant Primary in Huddersfield gave us the exciting mission of creating a second anthem for their awesome community! This time it was all about their aspirations for the future and helping their pupils embody their school motto of “Think Big, Aim High and Achieve” on a whole new level..

Starting from a blank page, this uplifting power anthem, bubbling with joy and energy was born – encapsulating the same very message in the process… that we can create anything we imagine!

4 years ago we created their original anthem together Think Big, Aim High, ACHIEVE! – Mount Pleasant Anthem OUT NOW! – and 2024 allowed us the opportunity to create an elevated piece unlike anything we’ve ever worked on before.

Enjoy this amazing film and song. We are so proud of this one.

Mount Pleasant NEW project!

13th March 2024

We’re SO excited to announce that we are working with our wonderful friends at Mount Pleasant Primary once again to create a brand new song and film in the coming months.

We’ve just unveiled perhaps one of the most incredible songs we’ve ever created at a special assembly at their school this week.

We will keep you posted with updates – but get yourselves ready for a serious wow factor with this one.

We originally connected with the school back in 2021, helping them produce their own school anthem called Think Big, Aim High, ACHIEVE! – Mount Pleasant Anthem OUT NOW!

This new song will be a musical sibling to their anthem and we cannot wait to bring this all together!

Rothwell Primary 2024 version!

9th February 2024

In 2017 we visited Rothwell Primary, Leeds and helped them create a funky school anthem and film.

Well, fast forward to 2024 and boom – we revisited these amazing people and helped them create a brand new version.

Soo much fun! Check it out!

Horton Grange anthem release!

17th July 2023

Horton Grange – a  beautiful, historic and colourful school in Bradford approached us not long ago to help them create their own unique song and film to celebrate their awesomeness!

How could we say no?!

In our first lyric writing session with their children – we explained how from a blank piece of paper, our creativity was going to grow something awesome. A child replied, “Like a seed into a flower?” – and from that very line we were away!!

Enjoy! We are also super excited to announce that Horton Grange have since joined our Gold Partnership programme for 2023/24 – so we will be seeing a lot more of them come September! We can’t wait 🙂

Edgerton Community Elementary, USA school anthem

18th June 2023

Edgerton is a beautiful city in Midwest America that we had the incredible privilege of composing a school anthem for.

This song is about the power of connection, about re-igniting and rediscovering our spark that may have been dimmed and living our best lives in our community.

What an amazing honour to serve these wonderful people.

Yahara Valley Elementary, USA school anthem

18th June 2023

Here is one of two school anthems we created for a beautiful school in rural Wisconsin.

This is a community that is built upon the generations that went went before it. Children stand on the shoulders of what was laid by their ancestors and become part of a rich legacy that is simply magical.

We will forever be grateful for this wonderful opportunity to become a part of their community.

Yahara – forever we are.

Think Big, Aim High, ACHIEVE! – Mount Pleasant Anthem OUT NOW!

13th September 2021

Check out this beautiful school anthem that we created with the special folks at Mount Pleasant Primary in Huddersfield.

A huge well done to all the kids and staff for their wonderful work!

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