Harehills Primary “Safe as Houses” project

This was one powerful and amazing project. Harehills Primary contacted us in December 2014 to deliver a project for their “Safe as Houses” week 2015. The project deals with safety at home and the school wanted a song that empowered their young people to make positive stances.

The song we wrote for them is all about the power that one person brings when they choose to stand with courage. It’s also about leaving the right legacies that they will be remembered for. The kids came up with their own “value’s” for the holler section in the middle – and should be very proud of their project. Our heartfelt thanks to all the the school and the staff for inviting us to be a part of their “Safe as Houses” 2015.

Power of One – Class Dynamix feat’ Harehills Primary School from Danny Gough on Vimeo.

				A song that makes a positive stance for leaving legacies and standing up our values.