New song…Unbreakable

24th November 2019

We wrote this song way back at the beginning of our journey in 2014. We knew instantly that this song had a special power to it. We also knew that we would release it when the time was right. Well the time is now. Featuring a wonderful member of our group this year called Sophie, this song is all about rising up when haters hate and life gets tough. It celebrates courage, resilience and shining your unique light into the world with power and abandon. We all have a unique magic inside us that the world needs and will leave it a better place. Enjoy

Believe and Succeed – St John’s C of E

24th October 2019

This project was as much fun as it looks! We had the BEST time with these awesome kids at this very special school in Bradford. We really wanted to help them create a song that captured that unique energy and spirit – built around their motto of “Believe and Succeed” and running the race of life with courage and endurance. With a “School of Rock” feel – we totally love the finished piece. Enjoy!

Windmill C of E school anthem!

22nd October 2019

We are so excited to share this incredible piece of work that the children at Windmill C of E created with us. Their own school anthem called The Windmill Way truly captures their special spirit, their kind heart as a community and their total awesomeness as a school. We are very proud of you all and well done on an amazing project. Thank you for having us!

Light Up For Leeds Official Video!

8th October 2019

Here is the official music video for Light Up For Leeds. Made in partnership with Child Friendly Leeds and sponsored by Shine and Crisp Thinking – the final film features footage shot at our incredible showcase at the First Direct Arena back in July at the Teach First Conference.

It features children from Low Road & Windmill Music Federation, Shakespeare, Middleton and Rothwell Primary schools.

You can download a lyric sheet and find more info including the lyric video link here

Happy birthday Nicia!

28th September 2019

We had the privilege of surprising one of our superstar performers today at her birthday party! Nicia was one of our featured soloists at Leeds Arena in the summer…she received a special framed photo and some merch! Thank you Nicia’s family for inviting us and giving us an unforgettable time!

Music video premiere

27th September 2019

The new music video for Light Up For Leeds – our project delivered in partnership with Child Friendly Leeds and co-sponsored by Shine Leeds and Crisp Thinking – will be unveiled alongside another live performance of the song at Leeds Town Hall on October 8th at 4.20pm. The performance will conclude the Council Leadership Conference 2019.

It will feature children from our stellar school collection of Windmill/Low Road Music Federation, Shakespeare, Middleton and Rothwell Primaries.

The lyric video/song words will be available online for all Leeds children to learn and use in their schools.


Spontaneous fun in Leeds

14th August 2019

On our recent video shoot in Leeds we couldn’t resist having some fun at this piano in the Corn Exchange. Here are 2 clips of our song I Go… Enjoy!


Recording time!

1st August 2019

We spent yesterday recording some extra vocals with these guys (Naima, Kofi, Divine and Sophie) for our new song Light Up For Leeds – made in partnership with Shine Leeds, Child Friendly Leeds and Crisp Thinking. We are still buzzing from our electric experience at Leeds Arena, and also excited for shooting the final stages of the music video next week. We’re getting there…ps hope you guys are loving our new website!

What a day at Leeds Arena!

27th July 2019

We are struggling to put into words how much we enjoyed performing at Leeds Arena for the TeachFirst Conference 2019 yesterday. It was a dream come true and to see the kids from 5 of our favourite partner schools shining and bursting with power and courage was incredible. The atmosphere was electric, the crowd were awesome and we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity. We certainly brought the Class Dynamix vibe to the party!

A huge thank you to the organisers, every staff member who came and supported, our sponsors and partners for Light Up For Leeds, all the parents who came along and most importantly to all the kids. You are Class Dynamix. What a night.

Light Up For Leeds

8th June 2019

There’s a super exciting project happening this summer. A new Leeds song to inspire young people to grow themselves and grow our city. In proud partnership with Child Friendly Leeds alongside Shine and CrispThinking plus support from Leeds College of Music and JuniorLCoM. We will be showcasing the song for the first time on Tuesday June 18th at LCM at 12.30pm.

The performance will feature amazing kids from Low Road & Windmill Music Federation and Rothwell, Middleton and Shakespeare Primary Schools. Let’s do this!

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