In April 2019 we were sponsored to write an inspiring and aspirational song for the young people of Leeds that contributed to the “Inclusive Growth Strategy” of the City Council.

Working in partnership with Child Friendly Leeds, Class Dynamix pioneered a collaborative 5 school project that culminated in an exciting live premiere at the world renowned Leeds College of Music by 200 school children. The children had a fantastic experience making new friends from other schools, growing their personal confidence to express themselves and be part of a dynamic musical opportunity.

The song “Light up for Leeds” is one that empowers young people with the message that in order to grow our city (and it’s economy) first and foremost we must grow ourselves. Our character. Our vision. Our determination.

The official music video for the song is being filmed in July/August 2019 and will be uploaded in September 2019.

Here are some young people talking about the project.

Below you can see some raw footage of the live event.

This project was sponsored by Child Friendly Leeds, Shine and Crisp Thinking.

It was additionally supported by Leeds College of Music.

Watch the video