Working with this vibrant primary school in Leeds, our mission was to help Rothwell create their very own school song and music video.

The challenge was to produce an exciting and upbeat track that was not only accessible to all year groups but also celebrated and showcased the unique spirit and vibe of their school community.

It was built around their school motto of “REACH” – it embodied their school ethos and values in a powerful way , whilst providing their children with a dynamic creative experience for them and their parents to be proud of.

The project began with a creative brainstorm and fun lyric generating games with a focus group of children. This led to the development of the songs chorus, with the rest of the song following quickly after. We returned to teach the whole school the song with the backing track we created in the recording studio.

The kids spent a few weeks with their teachers practising the song, before we returned with our recording equipment to capture the songs vocals – every child was recorded and used in the final mix!

Our final visit was the filming day – where we marched around school with a gimbal and a video camera to capture the finished visuals. What a fantastic, positive and uplifting project this was.

The feedback online by parents and all connected with the school was unbelievable and “Reach Up Higher” has become an inspiring and aspirational part of this fantastic school community.

Watch the video