In 2016 we were commissioned to write a song that raised awareness of domestic violence in a “child friendly” way.

Class Dynamix accepted this challenging task, creating the iconic track – “Turn On The Lights”. The song embodied defiance, togetherness and hope which we delivered through a powerful performance piece.

We coordinated a multi-school project around the city, consisting of a series of music workshops with the goal of developing a dynamic live routine. The project culminated in an incredible live premiere of the song by 160 children at Headingley Stadium in front of 16,000 people during the half-time break at a Leeds Rhino’s match.

Working alongside multiple partners and sponsors including Child Friendly Leeds, The Leeds Rhino’s Foundation, Behind Closed Doors and Family Valued – the final showcase and music video impacted many lives far and wide.

The song also featured 3 of the Rhino’s star players who performed alongside the kids to add some extra magic!

Watch the video