5 minute group vocal warm-up

Check this vocal warm-up that we have been working on – feel free to use any of these idea’s in your own sessions. You have our permission! Warming up should be fun, uncomplicated and habitual for us to both sing and deliver in the classroom at our best. The voice is designed to work freely and easily, you only need to watch a screaming baby rocking the vocals to know that it can function loudly for long periods of time without tiring.

However, as adults, the stresses and tension’s of life are often our biggest enemy. The foundation of good singing is healthy breathing – a nice free expanse followed by an unforced release of the sound. Tight necks, jaws and torso’s whilst trying to “throw our voices” to the back of the room make it impossible to sustain a good strong voice throughout the day. We humans so often want to strive with excess effort to “do” it ourselves – when what I’ve found is that there is a natural mechanism in place that can do it beautifully without us getting in the way.