School anthems & music videos

Our school anthems and music videos are an amazing way to show the world how awesome your school and community are. We will work with you and your students to create something magical that not only provides an unforgettable creative experience but also showcase your identity online and embed your vision and values for years to come.

It’s also an amazing way to maximise your funding and fulfil your pupil roll each year!

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YOUR funding
  • Showcase your school brand
  • Maximise your funding and pupil roll
  • Powerfully capture your vision and values - a wonderful marketing tool


YOUR school
  • Engage your kids in an inspirational project
  • Create a legacy piece and resource that will last decades
  • Bring your school community together as a united voice


of these projects
  • Your own bespoke song
  • Studio backing track (studio fees included)
  • Pro-recorded audio of kids voices
  • Music video (Videographer and/or drone fees inc)
  • Class Dynamix 4-5 days in school
  • Virtual sessions can be used for certain parts if desired

How the project looks...

Projects are broken down into these stages:

  • A writing team of selected children work with Danny throughout a full-day workshop to develop the song and the lyrics – capturing the essence and ethos of your school. (This can happen either in person or remotely via Zoom)
  • Class Dynamix go away and compose, record and produce the backing track in the recording studio.
  • Class Dynamix return to your school to teach the whole school the song – leaving the school with the backing track to practice and perfect with teachers for several weeks. (This can happen either in person or via private online video tutorials).
  • We then return with sound equipment and record all the children (in various group sizes) singing the song in the school hall to create the final vocal audio of the song.
  • Danny and the film team return to film the music video that has been storyboarded.
  • Drone footage can be added upon request
  • The footage is taken away to be edited and produced into the beautiful completed video. Voila!