I Go – our new song

Ok, so if you’re not aware already – we’ve released our latest song – “I Go” – into the Youtube world this week. Many of you have returned to school and I wanted to give you a boost of positivity before you venture into the new term. It features kids from an awesome school in the heart of Leeds – Shakespeare Primary. If you’ve already downloaded the free songpack – I hope you and your kids are enjoying singing it. I sang this song with many groups last year and there was always a tangible electricity in the air when it was performed.

There are so many themes and messages in this song and I know we will each interpret it our own way and take different meanings from it. That’s the beauty of music.

For me, I Go is a song about listening to my inner voice – my intuition – and to trust those whispers I hear moment to moment. They guide me and remind me who I am and that I can overcome the challenges that each day presents. I try to start each day with a quiet moment to myself, to calm my mind and observe whatever fears and worries may be there. Without wanting to get too deep here 😉 – for me the song is about being awakened to the innate awesomeness we carry as a human being rather than worrying about our flaws and failings.

Starting each day from this place is a great place to launch from. It can be done on our way to school, after our breakfast or wherever we choose really. I like to lie on my living room floor before anyone wakes up – especially my 6 year old Netflix-loving daughter – and I enjoy the quiet before any technology gets switched on and the busyness sets in. Also, as a creative, when my mind is still and uncluttered, I always get my best ideas!

I truly believe that each one of us has something unique that the world the needs. We can all make a positive contribution to make our world better bringing both purpose and meaning to our life and to those around us. In my life I’ve often realised that the key to this is found in my own mind and the thoughts I’m choosing to believe about myself and the situations I’m in. For me this is what “mindset” is.

When we grasp that we are unique – a special blend of character, personality, talents, ideas and passions – we don’t need to feel threatened by other people (which we often do, right?!). We can sometimes think that others lives are better than ours, especially with the glossy filtering of social media. But nobody can do what we do like we can and I’d like to think that there are contributions to be made that only we can make. This applies to everyone of us. We’ve all got something special and there is enough room in life for everybody to shine, “do their thing”, succeed and be happy. Wouldn’t it be great if we all sincerely wanted this for everybody? – after all we are all connected and sharing this journey together.

So as we go forward into this new term, let’s be happy for one another, support each other and embrace the uniqueness and diversity that each of us has to offer. May we be our best selves and make a difference wherever we are! We got this 😉

Here’s the song in case you haven’t seen it yet…

Danny 🙂