In 2022/23 we created two exciting school anthems overseas in the beautiful mid-west of America. Working in the Edgerton School District - we collaborated to compose bespoke crafted songs and films that captured these unique communities.

After Britain’s Got Talent in 2020 – we knew our global reach had expanded. It connected us with schools across many continents – including the USA – where in particular we linked up with the Edgerton School District who entrusted us to work with their schools and communities.

They wanted their very own anthems that galvanised and celebrated both their children and what they stand for as a school district made up of unique communities of people.

Our first trip over was in October 2022 was where we gathered research about each school, developed rapports with their children whilst also getting a unique sense of each communities essence – unfiltered and without prejudice.

On returning to the UK, we composed, refined and developed the songs, recording the tracks and building a prototype of each song ready to showcase to the children to begin to learn.

Weekly online videos followed next, where the song was broken down into bite-size chunks, challenges were set and our connection with the children strengthened.

Then in April 2023, we visited in person once again and recorded their voices, prepared them for a live performance and filmed a music video.

The final creation was handed over in May 2023 at a World Premiere at their EPAC – performing arts centre.



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